CPRAM BOR-NGERN ll, Factory and Smart Office

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Project | CPRAM, Bor-Ngern Factory
Project Type | Factory, Distribution Center, Office & Innovation Center
Owner | CPRAM
Location | Pathum Thani, Thailand
Architect | INFRA GROUP Co., Ltd.
Interior Designer | INFRA GROUP Co., Ltd.
Structural Engineer | INFRA GROUP Co., Ltd.
MEP Engineer | ITS ME Co., Ltd.
Project Area | approx. 31,000 sq.m.
Status | Completed
Award | LEED Silver


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll frontal approach


When thinking about factories in their early days, one would imagine bare buildings with large rooms filled with machines or personnel working inside. Factory buildings were designed to accommodate interior functions, which were, in turn, determined by kinds of products manufactured, production processes, and required output.

As consumer’s trend shifts, management is required to place more importance on the sustainability of the business and its people, stakeholders, and the environment. Quality replaces quantity as the focal point of the organization. Human resources, once merely machine operators, become an integrated part of the organization to allow for seamless production and quality environment. Modern factories are responding to such shifts; today’s factories need to consider and balance various (often conflicting) forces including maximum/efficient utilization of space as land resources are limited, effective designs, building law and regulations, public interests, and environmental standards.

Having deliberated various aspects of this project, with the aim of incorporating functions with designs, we breakdown spaces in correspondence with their functions as follows.


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll concrete facade at night


Land size approximately 12 rai with Building size 31,000 sq.m. separated into 4 main functions: production and related, staff support, management support (Smart Office), and Visitors.
14. Factory
15. DC Loading
16. DC Parking
17. Service Office
18. Service Floor
19. Utility Building
20. Canteen
21. Smart Office
22. Office Parking
23. Visitor Corridor
24. Exhibition Area
25. Amphitheater
26. VIP Lounge

In accordance with land size & building regulations, the facility is vertically designed instead of Horizontal designed. The efforts were in collaboration with the Designer and Owner’s Team to accomplish the Building’s functional & wellness for all users.
Apart from fulfilling its production requirements, the building was designed with considerations placed on aesthetics as well as consistency of concept. The organization’s values and highest quality standards resonate through the building designs and landscape which, in turn, will inherently transfer onto all occupants of the space. Furthermore, to all occupants, the designs are aimed to encourage creativity and teamwork while recognizing the importance of civic and environmental responsibility.


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll smart office and shadow effect


Building occupants are categorized into 5 main groups.
1. Factory staffs
2. Logistics staffs
3. Engineering Support and Technical staffs
4. Office staffs (Smart Office)
5. Visitors
The facilities were designed to accommodate each groups’ specific usage and their movements. Beyond specific working areas, common spaces (court) are strategically located to connect between different functional areas. Courts are designed to rejuvenate All staff and occupants with good natural light and Natural air ventilation.
With the expectation. the created space, Court, will be changing by each time each season with the light effected with rammed earth wall. All scenes will create a good atmosphere for the people who work In that area.


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll effect from the sun to courtyard


Concepts behind our designs:
We aim to achieve both FUNCTIONAL and AESTHETICS aspects of our design.
Functional aspects incorporate production spaces, storage spaces, support spaces, office spaces, and visitors’ spaces.
In terms of Aesthetics, our designs aim to provide visually appealing structures and well as highlighting the integrity, stability, and values of CPRAM. From the solid past comes the bright and visionary future, which we also want to highlight.
The CPRAM management and Team has consistently developed its knowledge of Food Technology and production to the point that development by itself and become the organization’s culture. There is a learning curve of knowledge and development for CPRAM from many past projects, CPRAM-LK4 & Lat Lum Keaw, that successfully improved Working space and production line space to the point that can create wellness space for All users.
With that, our approach to the design of CP Ram Bo Win is as follows:


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll effect from the sun to courtyard

CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll courtyard at night


1. hygienic and safety standards
2. Appropriated functional Spaces with low maintenance
3. Functional spaces with considerations to aesthetics and comfort to allow knowledge developments and creations
4. Communicating to Visitors of CPRAM’s culture and values through its architecture
5. Encouraging innovation and civic and environment recognition through architecture


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll concrete structure skylight

CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll courtyard view with concrete structure skylight


Smart Office was created to be sharing space concept, to maximize space efficiency, reduce space usage from fixed work stations. All staff can share their idea, work and good emotion by good wellness open plan space that encourages connectivity both within and with external environments. The office receives a generous amount of natural light by skylight roof.
Interior space was designed by the Transparent concept. All furniture was created to be slim, lean and transparent so the Staff can see throughout for the court and feel the changing of space and time by that reflects of Daylight that glazed on Rammed earth wall.


CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll smart office's locker room CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll concrete cafe CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll cafe with lighting design


1. Function
– Factory space is the core to produce the finished goods by well-designed production line
– Office space is an important part that drives people to have new creative ideas and innovation.

2. environment-friendly selected Material
– The short life cycle Wood is more friendly than other materials and was selected to be used in an appropriate zone.
– Bare Nature finished material was selected to be used as most of the building, non-decorative materials, we choose Real material to blend in with the environment and the landscape.
– LEED Silver
– Low Maintenance Materials and Easily replacement.

3. Natural bond with Innovation creation
– Rammed Earth Wall is a material that is sensitive to natural light. The designer is aiming when daylight glaze on the Rammed Earth Wall will create a different scene of colors as well as a variety of atmosphere that can affect the staff vibe. Even after 3 years, 5 years, or 30 years pass. Feelings will be different at the other time.
– The atmosphere that allows staff to be aware of the change Will help better motivate the organization than ever.

CPRAM Bo-Ngern ll shadow effect in morning and evening


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