How We Work

We are committed to fulfilling your expectations and helping you realize your vision.

Our multidisciplinary specialists have extensive experience in providing professional support to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

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Professional Support at Each Stage

Pre-Project Stage
We carefully select and prepare our team in order to adapt to your working style and expectations, and to cope effectively with unforeseen circumstances.

Project Execution Stage
We coordinate with your team to ensure that work is done in accordance with design requirements. Throughout this stage, our focus is on delivering the project on schedule and within budget.

Post-Completion Stage
We are available to stay on after the commissioning phase to assist with start-up operations, systems troubleshooting and process optimization. Our experts are ready to provide support on a permanent, temporary or overflow capacity basis.

Project Delivery Methods


Selecting a Project Delivery Method is a key decision in your project execution strategy which will have a significant impact on completion times, level of risk and budgetary outlays. The four components are: planning, engineering & design, procurement & contracting, construction.

Our team of experts will help you choose the best option for your engineering or architecture project depending on your preferred working style, timeframe, budgetary constraints and risk tolerance. Here are the typical ways in which control, risk and responsibility are combined:

Total Control / All Risk
The owner holds all contracts, takes all risk and has total control.

Total Control / All Risk / Shared Responsibility
The owner holds all contracts, takes all risk and has total control but delegates some responsibilities to a Construction Manager.

Partial Control / Shared Risk
The owner holds the engineering contract but transfers construction contracts and much of the risk to a Construction Manager.

Minimal Control / Minimal Risk
The owner transfers all contracts (engineering, procurement, construction) and most of the risk to a Design-Build Entity.


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