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We are committed to providing high-quality engineering and architecture services that fulfill the expectations and realize the vision of our clients. At each stage of the process, we offer comprehensive support in order to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective design solutions that result in a great performance.

Company History

INFRA Group was established in 2001 by a team of experienced engineers to provide high-quality services within a framework of collaboration and ethical integrity. These values permeate our company culture and guide the way we interact with our clients, business partners and staff members.

Initially focused on residential buildings, we have expanded our scope of services to the public infrastructure, commercial and industrial market sectors. In addition, the company offers technical consultancy and training services.

The keystone of our success is the network of strategic technology partnerships that allows us to optimize costs and increase efficiency. By ensuring compatibility across systems, INFRA Group is ideally positioned to provide you with integrated design solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.

INFRA Group Board of Directors

Dr Suthipoul Viwattanateepa, INFRA Group Board Chairman


Dr Suthipoul Viwattanateepa

Ph.D. Civil Engineering
UC Berkeley, U.S.A.
Mr Krisda Taeprasartsith, INFRA Group Managing Director


Mr Krisda Taeprasartsith

B.S. Civil Engineering
KMITL, Thailand
Mr Santi Sirichart, INFRA Group Engineering Director


Mr Santi Sirichart

M.S. Structural Engineering
Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Mr Poongasem Pokaprakorn, INFRA Group Architecture Director


Mr Poongasem Pokaprakorn

Mr Jetthabut Chokwittaya, INFRA Group Senior Engineer


Mr Jetthabut Chokwittaya

M.S. Civil Engineering
Lamar University, U.S.A.
Ms Kluaimai Toma, INFRA Group Senior Engineer


Ms Kluaimai Toma

B.S. Civil Engineering
KMUTNB, Thailand

INFRA Group Team